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Doing What I Love (Or 'Embracing Who I Am')

I spent a good part of my winter working my way through Make Art That Sells classes, and had an epiphany during the Money Badass Class with Lilla Rogers. She always tells her students to “paint what you love because people will buy your joy.” I had heard her say it many, many times, but for some reason it didn’t “click” until recently.

For a long time, I have been trying to create art that I think other people will love, instead of creating things that I love. What do I love? I love cartoons. I love Snoopy. I especially love the animated specials of the Peanuts - not just for their content but because I have always loved the line art and the amazing watercolor and gouache backgrounds in those cartoons. It’s also the kind of art that I most enjoy making in my spare time. I have really been enjoying learning to make animated gifs with my artwork in Procreate. (I upgraded to the bigger Ipad Pro and am LOVING it!)

I had resisted it, because people called it “cute”. Or insinuated that it was more “graphic art” than “Art.” I was stupid to limit myself from these offhand comments. I LOVE cute things. I LOVE cartoons. I LOVE simple line art. I love solid blocks of colors.

And do you know what else I love?


Found a photo online of my favorite sticker book from my childhood. I miss it so much!

Found a photo online of my favorite sticker book from my childhood. I miss it so much!

Yes, stickers. Sticker sheets. Decals. Bumper stickers. Label stickers. Journal stickers. Stickers. Stickers. Stickers! And I have always loved them. I had a massive collection of sticker books as a kid. So I started compiling the icons I have done and have been doing to the Make Art that Sells classes and turning them into sticker sheets that I have listed on my Etsy shop. (Link to my Etsy at the top of the page!)

I have been having so much fun working on these and invested in a Cricut Maker to cut my own sticker sheets. Some days I am so engrossed and happy working that my family has to remind me to end my “work day” and go relax and eat dinner. And now that I have some listed on my shop, I am still creating new ones (with bullet journaling in mind (hint hint.)

I’m also spending time trying to learn how to market my artwork and the Etsy shop to start generating sales. (Gotta make back the $$ for that Cricut lol.) I am also continuing to make art for my Instagram feed, and am participating in the #AprilArtChallenge!

Here are the sticker packs I have already listed on the store, enjoy and have a great day! I’m going to go keep creating what I love, and I hope you do to! (click to pan through the photos)

Stephanie Forsyth