The Ugly Truth of a Studio Reorganization

I've seen a lot of articles on studio reorganizations. Have you ever noticed how often even the "before" looks no where near as horrible as your studio does? Like may they tidied upa bit before they took their "before" photos?

Well, I'm going to show you my real before. The only thing I have done so far, is start putting the random items into tubs, and I moved a table. That's it. 

I am a quilter as well as an illustrator. Up until about a year ago, I solely focused on art quilting. I got a little burned out (but boy is that quilting bug biting right now!) So I have a LOT of different supplies that I've been trying to juggle in this studio space. I admit, I do have a rather larger studio space, but let this be an example that even when you have a lot of space it doesn't mean it's space that is readily capable of working for you and your supplies. 

Although my space is big enough, what it's lacking is viable storage space. The bookshelves, while nice, do not lend themselves to storage of most of the items that I have for my work. So I am finally accepting that I need to really put some thought into adding in items that function as working space AND as storage. (HELLO IKEA!)

I will show you the after results when I get done (some day?) And I will be sure and document the storage solutions I decide on! Until then, please feel free to share in the comments, any unique storage ideas that have helped you wrangle your studio into happy organization!

Of course my first priority was setting up the cat tree for my little ones, and this is Zoey helping organized and clean! 

*Bonus The first in the "My Studio View" series, is the parade of turkeys. Filmed while writing this post!


 Zoey: The Supervisor

Zoey: The Supervisor